We no longer offer custom orders. Simply put - you cant "order" one anymore. We simply build a variety of instruments and they are available thru our dealers:

Amelia Island Fine Guitars in Florida

Watchtower Guitars in New Jersey

In order to appeal to a broad scope of players, you will see us using a mix of specs - they are listed below.

Although its getting scarcer , so far we have been able to get good weight ash and alder and we will continue to use those 2 woods for all of our bodies.

I use several neck profiles which all feel fantastic and are based on my personal vintage instruments:

  • Medium C - .83 at fret 1 - based on my '66
  • Chunky C - .86 at fret 1 - based on my '64
  • Super Soft V - .88 at fret 1 - based on my '56
  • Fat Back C - .90 at fret 1 - big and round but not ridiculous
  • '58 Chunky V - .92 soft V - a new larger version of our popular 88V

All necks are 1.65" nut width , 9.5" radius , and are fretted w/ Jescar medium jumbos ( .095 x .047 ) - much like a 6105 that's been dressed a few times. A great fret that everybody seems to love !

I do all of the standard and custom colors of the 50s and 60s - and even a few from the 70s ! My finishes are all nitro lacquer and are very very thin finishes that dry hard in a relatively short time. We mix all of our colors by hand - by EYE actually - and don't really follow the paint codes very closely because what we are really after is what those old colors look like today - 40+ yrs later !!

The neck of the guitar is how one "connects" to the instrument and we spend a great deal of time on our necks. The edges are heavily rolled all the way up , the fret edges are bevelled back to avoid sprout during climate changes , the fret work is impeccable , and the back of the neck is then finished with a french polish style application that feels like a worn-in 40 yr old neck.. I’m very proud of how these feel and these are only on the newest Danocasters w/ my signature logo on the headstock.

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