As far back as I can remember, I’d been fascinated by “old things” and generally didn’t like “shiny new things”. I drove my parents crazy because even as a kid - I would take my new shoes outside and make them look OLD !! I did the same thing with my skateboards - I just didn’t like them to be “new” looking. As I grew up and starting playing guitar professionally - once again I was drawn to the older “worn-in” instruments and starting grabbing great examples as often as I could.

Soon, I started experimenting with putting some guitars together myself knowing ultimately I wanted them to feel and sound like my old guitars.

I never really set out to build “relics” - I just wanted guitars that FELT like an old friend. And I wanted guitars that had a sonic clarity to them - yet a “softness” that comes with age. Maybe a few modern twists for better playability. Eventually.. I wanted the cosmetics to match as well. So I began baking bodies in the oven, leaving them outside in all sorts of weather… just shooting in the dark really. And I never liked the look of metals soaked in muratic acid - and it definitely didn’t look like my old guitars - so I searched and searched and eventually I started to figure some things out! And I began looking for new ways to make things “old”.

I worked w/ various suppliers and pickup winders to get things just the way I wanted. I built a team of 5 others that work with me - that are the best I know of in their respective fields - and now I think we can put out consistently fantastic guitars. Although there’s nothing quite like an amazingly good old guitar - many of these we’re building are giving my best vintage ones a good run for their money!!

Take a look around the site and thanks for checking us out.

DISCLAIMER : Under no circumstances can we put a Fender logo on your headstock. Thank you for understanding this.

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