We are sad to announce that we are starting the shutdown process and will no longer be accepting orders. Thanks so much for all the love and encouragement and thank you to all who have chosen to play a Danocaster. We love you.

Although the majority of my guitars are direct customer orders, I'm not really the "you dream it up and I will build it" kind of guy. I really only build "vintage style" guitars. "Vintage" - but with some modern specs for improved stability / playability. You can choose the important stuff : alder or ash , color , neck shape , several pickup options, overall layout, etc. If you have some special need - please just ask and I will try and accommodate you

But , in general , my thought on this is : if you haven't even played the guitar yet , it doesn't make sense to say " I want this brand bridge and this brand saddles and these tuners and blah blah blah " and have me build it and hope for the best. I wanna be able to build something and have the freedom to tweak it to make it as good as I can - with the understanding that you want a "twangy T" - or a "double cut" that's a "blues / rock machine" - or whatever. But trust that I'm doing this to ensure I'm putting out the best guitars I can - and not just working off someone's checklist.

I often try more than one set of pickups in a guitar - trying to find the best "voice" for each instrument. And I use custom winds by Budz, Jason Lollar, Peter Florance (Voodoo), Peter Leonard, Arcane , Papa George's , Onamac Windery , and Rocketfire. Because the exact same set of pickups can sound quite different in a nearly identical guitar , I find it best for you to tell me the kind tones you’re after and let me find the best set in your guitar.

It’s your choice of an ash or alder body , choice of finish color , rosewood or maple fingerboard, and then choose between my neck profiles. Because I often mix / match necks and bodies , looking for the best combinations , I’ve limited my neck profiles

I basically offer 4 neck profiles - which are all fantastic feeling !!

Medium C - .83 at fret 1 - based on my '66

Chunky C - .86 at fret 1 - based on my '64

Super Soft V - .88 at fret 1 - based on my '56

Fat Back C - .90 at fret 1 - big and round but not ridiculous

Nocaster - .93 U shape 1 pc maple neck - for the early "single cut" models

all "STANDARD" necks are 1.65" nut width , 9.5" radius , and are fretted w/ Jescar medium jumbos ( .095 x .047 ) - much like a 6105 that's been dressed a few times. A great fret that everybody seems to love !

* If you need a "CUSTOM" neck with a particular radius / fret wire / or profile - please just ASK.

I typically keep things pretty "vintage correct" ( so I'm not interested in making a sea foam green guitar w/ a black pickguard, for instance ) but as long as you aren't after anything out of the ordinary - I'm sure I can accommodate whatever it is you are after

* NOTE: I can offer "light aging" overall - but I don't offer shiny new or "NOS" finishes. And I typically wouldn't match a worn neck and worn parts w/ a body that does not have the same level of aging. Honestly , the aging process is one of my favorite parts and I don't like too much "art direction" or detailed instructions on how you want it aged. Just know that I'm going for "authentic" looking wear.

I offer all of the standard and custom colors of the 50s and 60s - and even a few from the 70s ! My finishes are all nitro lacquer and are very very thin finishes that dry hard in a relatively short time. We mix all of our colors by hand - by EYE actually - and don't really follow the paint codes very closely because what we are really after is what those old colors look like today - 40+ yrs later !!

The neck of the guitar is how one “connects” to the instrument and we spend a great deal of time on our necks. The edges are heavily rolled all the way up , the fret edges are bevelled back to avoid sprout during climate changes , the fret work is impeccable , and the back of the neck is then finished with a french polish style application that feels like a worn-in 40 yr old neck.. I’m very proud of how these feel and these are only on the newest Danocasters w/ my signature logo on the headstock