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'59 double cut
Teal Green Metallic
Surf Green
Sonic Blue Hardtail
Sonic Blue Beater
Shoreline Gold w: Flame Neck
Shoreline Gold w: a bound neck
Shoreline Gold dbl cut
Shell Pink
Olympic White late 60s
Olympic White
White ( Keith Urban )
Ocean Turqouise w: Bound Neck
Ocean Turqouise Back
Ocean Turqouise dbl cut
Nicotine Blonde
Nicotine Blonde dbl cut
Lake Placid Blue
Inca Silver
Inca Silver 2
Inca Silver ( no topcoat )
Fiesta Red
Fiesta Red Top
Dakota Red 2
Candy Tangerine
Candy Tangerine dbl cut
Candy Tangerine
Candy Apple Red
Candy Apple Red
Burgundy Mist with Bound Neck
Blonde ( solid )
3 Tone sunburst II
3 Tone sunburst 3
2 Tone sunburst dbl cut
2 Tone sunburst dbl cut 4
2 Tone sunburst dbl cut 3
2 Tone sunburst dbl cut 2
2 tone sunburst 8
2 Tone sunburst
2 Tone sunburst 7
3 Tone Sunburst 3
2 Tone sunburst 6
'59 double cut
IBM standing in case-M
Ocean Turquoise w: a bound neck.jpg
Foam Green.jpg
Inca Silver with Spitfire Tort.jpg
Sherwood Green.jpg
2 Tone strat.jpg
2.5 sunburst.jpg
Burgundy Mist.jpg
Mary Kaye strat.jpg