Sorry for any inconvenience. Dano - 1/15/19

Q: “ OMG , these things look great !! How much are they ?”

A: Thanks - most standard models are $2500. My "offsets" can be bit more if you load it up with options - but we offer a standard offset as well

Q: “ Wow - that’s a great price !! I thought they’d be more ! Do you have any in stock ? Or is there a waiting list ? "

A: Unfortunately - We are so backlogged at the moment ( 24 months ) that we have decided to CLOSE ORDERS to catch up. Please try LA Vintage Gear - our Los Angeles dealer - for available stock

Q: “ that’s not too bad. It’ll be a long wait though !! What do you need upfront - 50% ? “

A: Not even close. There’s a $200 non-refundable “good faith” deposit that I request when your build is about to begin - not when you place your order. It's mostly just to show you are a serious buyer and to recoup some of my cost / time should you cancel

Q: “I forgot to mention that I’m famous - or at least I’m about to be. Can I get a free guitar ? Or an artist endorsement”

A: First off, congrats on all your success !! It’s great to be paid for doing something you love , isn’t it ? I feel the same way :)

Q: “ ok ok.. I get it. It was worth a try. BTW - I don’t live in USA - do you ship internationally ?

A: Yes - I ship all over the world. Shipping is FREE in the lower 48 states but I can ship via Express Mail almost anywhere for about $120 and FedEx sometimes for a bit more

Q: “ Hmmm.. I’m pretty eager to get one. Do you have dealers that have them in stock ?

A: As a matter of fact - I DO have a dealer. One dealer. L.A. Vintage Gear in Los Angeles, Ca. He often has both new and pre-owned Danos. I’m too small to support more dealers at the moment. Check them out HERE

Q: “ OK so…. if I promise to keep it on the down-low - can you gimme a Fender headstock and logo ?”

A: There isn’t enough money in your bank acct to get me to do that - even if you are about to be famous !! Sorry - no can do

Q: “ I bought a custom shop guitar I love but it doesn’t look as good as your stuff. Can I send it to you ? “

A: Sure !! But only if you are giving it to me. I can’t do what I do starting w/ a “brand new” guitar. My process starts long before the finish goes on. Sorry

Q: “ Will you refinish my guitar ? “

A: Because we are so busy - we are only doing restoration finishes on ORIGINAL vintage Fenders. And even then - the body needs to arrive stripped and sanded smooth with 400 grit - so we can seal it and get on with it. The cost is $400 and time is about 8 weeks. We don’t refinish or paint new or aftermarket bodies

Q: “ Hey , will you sell me only a neck or body ? Do you sell any of your aged parts ?”

A: We spend a lot of time on them and really only offer them on complete Danocaster guitars. If we are refinishing an old guitar for you that’s missing parts - let’s talk

Q: “ OK.. before I pull the trigger - does anybody “famous” play your guitars ?

A: You mean - besides you ? Yep. Lots of guys slugging it out in clubs. Lots of guys in the P&W communities. Plus Keith Urban (x3), Neal Schon, Rusty Anderson ( McCartney band ), Walter Becker (X4) , Matt Scannell (x3) , John Shanks (x6) , Julian Lage , Rick Springfield (x2) , Val McCallum (x3) , Dean Parks , "Ready" Freddie Washington , and countless others

Q: “Dan , I know you’re really busy and all but…. wanna go fishing ?

A: YES !! let me grab my tackle