RELIC-ULOUSLY’s become my go-to guitar for vintage tele tones !!

VAL McCALLUM ( Jackson Browne / Lucinda Williams )

I have two Danocaster guitars and can't say enough about them. My first is a blackguard Tele that has quickly become my go to for studio and stage beating out my 52 and 58 vintage Esquires . His fret work is perfect and the finish and feel of his necks are to die for.

My second is what he calls a "Mongrel" which is a rosewood neck Tele with a PAF bridge and P-90 neck . These pickups work perfectly together. If you love vintage feeling guitars with modern playability, check out Danocaster guitars.


"Dan has taken things to another level. 'Great' just doesn't really cut it anymore. He has given his guitars life, somehow. They live and breathe with you. They beg you to play them. They implore you to write better songs with them.They inspire you to speak through them with your words, your tones, and your heart."

MATT BISSONETTE (Elton John, Ringo Starr, Joe Satriani)

“I've been looking for a jazz bass ever since I sold my 64 jazz 10 years ago. Dan built me a Danocaster bass that not only sounds better than the one I had - but looks cooler! Dan makes his basses and guitars the way a player wants them to be because he is also a great musician! Everybody asks me what year it is and I said 2015!!! "

LYLE WORKMAN ( Sting, Beck, Todd Rundgren, “Superbad” soundtrack )

“I recently took receipt of my first Danocaster guitar, and I am loving it. It has the desirable, comfortable well worn feel of a guitar that’s been played for decades. The sound and aesthetics are outstanding, and it’s clear Dan puts so much knowledge and love into his instruments.”


WHOA ! The guitar just arrived and it is absolutely magnificent! The feel and tone and aesthetic are truly remarkable...such a musical guitar. And the gold foil reveals such beautiful nuisances i haven’t experienced with electric guitars. You are amazing...thank you for this incredible gift of an instrument!

ADAM ZIMMON - Shakira, Ziggy Marley, Colbie Callait, Dido, Page McConnell.

Dan- It's hard to describe the greatness of the offset you built for me. This guitar sounds so amazing, is so alive, and has so much soul , I'm already scheming about the next one I want you to build ! Beautiful work! Thank you!


I don't know what to say. I'm speechless. I can tell after 4 minutes that this guitar is going to be a lifelong companion. It is incredible. Thank you so much

RICK O'NEIL / Turtlerock Studios ( Madonna, Bryan Adams, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith )

“I have a LOT of vintage guitars and a LOT of great guitars - this is going on the great guitar side of the room. Just a great, great guitar !! "

BOBBY HARTRY (Emmy award winning producer / guitarist )

Dan's guitars feel and play so comfortably, it's crazy. Right away they feel like a guitar that I've played for years. The way he shapes and finishes his necks is absolutely perfect. I have 5 Danocasters now (a single cut, a thinline, a dbl cut, a heretic, and an offset) and they all are go to guitars for me in the studio and for live situations. I sometimes forget that the dbl cut is a relatively new guitar. It's so perfectly worn in and really sounds like a great 50 year old strat. My newest Danocaster, the offset, is a stunning Olympic White with black binding and block inlays on a maple neck. This guitar rings so clear and articulate, and also is so true to the vintage Jazzmaster sound. Dan's love for old vintage guitars comes through in his workmanship. But, what also comes through is his knowledge and expertise for what a truly great guitar should sound, feel and play like.


“I met Dan via a conversation about my 57’ Strat I was selling. One thing led to another and Dan suggested I try one of his Danocasters. I bought one, two, three. I do not miss my 57’ two tone Strat anymore. I enjoy playing a two tone double cut that looks exactly like my dearly departed 57’- a lot more than that $25K '57’!!

One thing lead to another and Dan agreed to make me his only Danocaster dealership. My company / storefront. L.A. Vintage Gear specializes in studio, touring pros and the serious player. I get guys from all over the world stopping in and asking, Where are those Danocasters I hear so much about!? I put one in their hands and the first thing they say is “ Wow! This neck is so silky – comfortable", then they plug in and play. Boom Done! Final words – will you take my other guitars in on consignment, I’m done playing them, here’s my credit card – I’m taking this Dano home now !

MARK WILLIAMS ( Washington DC area producer / guitarist extraordinaire )

I am such a fan of Danocaster guitars. I own 3 now and will continue to purchase them until I am penniless in the gutter. Dan's guitars are the best possible blend of art and function. I have owned over 100 guitars. I produce, perform and play constantly. Dan's guitars are an integral part of my studio and live set up. On top of it all, Dan is one of my favorite guitarists and biggest inspirations ever. It's so great when pieces of wire and wood can move you to create. My only question is … Why aren't his guitars twice the price?!!?!?!


  • Holy crap man. best electric guitar i've ever played. period. The guitar immediately felt like a part of me. it’s making me rethink all my other guitars !! - Joe M.
  • I’ve never been so excited about a guitar! It’s just got this vibe, the notes spank off the neck - which BTW fits my hand perfectly ! She slept in my bed the first three nights until my wife got pissed. I’m not kidding - Blake A.
  • I think I wanna have your baby.... Steve R.
  • People look at me strange : “Why is he holding his guitar ? “. Because it’s a Freaking Danocaster I tell them !! I just love holding it !! - Nate S.
  • I dont even know what to say. This instrument is amazing ! Totally blows my CS Nocaster Relic out of the water. - Ivan P.
  • Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I’m still ONLY playing my ’55 Danocaster. Even when I purpose to grab something else (just because I haven’t played my other guitars SINCE) - I still feel compelled to pull the Dano out once again !! And my other guitars are 1st rate top of the heap guitars so that’s really saying something !! - Larry M.
  • It usually takes a while to break in and feel comfortable with a bass but not with Black Beauty !! This is an amazing bass and now my favorite 4 string. It brings me closer to feeling connected to the soul of music and it plays,sounds & feels beyond my expectations. -Bryan G.
  • Bought it as an addition to the arsenal - now it pretty much IS the arsenal !! - Jordan D.
  • It sounds fantastic and looks just great ! I will be playing with it until the wee hours tonight... It is the nicest guitar I have ever played by a long shot ! -Allen M.
  • I dont say this lightly - this is the best guitar I have ever owned !! I have never been able to say that the neck feels "just right" or like "hand in glove" .... I can now ! I can not put this guitar down. I received it on Friday and it went with me to my gig that night. I had a smile on my face the whole night. - D.K.
  • I am in love and I don’t foresee an end to this honeymoon ! - Desi.
  • I would just like to thank you for making me a masterpiece - Ben D.
  • Where to begin? This guitar is honestly the best guitar I’ve ever laid my hands on. The build quality is EXCEPTIONAL. You truly ARE a MASTER and ARTIST. It is so wonderfully dynamic and versatile it’s amazing. The neck is perfect... The body is super light... Reliced to perfection... It can purr like a kitten or growl like a lion. Absolutely amazing! I definitely see another danocaster in my future. Thanks again for everything! I love it so much, I feel a little bad taking it from you... - J.K.